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Nox River

Hey peeps!My name is Nox River. I'm a trans nonbinary autistic artist. I've loved exploring art and crafting my entire life. I'm a singer, a cook, a baker, a painter. I've played cello, viola, and standing bass. I'm a sketch artist, a photographer, a writer and a gamer. Now, I don't promise that I'm good at all of these things, but one thing I've learned in my life is that my love of these is what makes me identify with them, not just my talent in them.Overall, I'd say my greatest passion is exploring the expression of emotions.I got into AI artwork fairly recently. I loved the idea of using words to create visible art. Not only can I create some of my most intense interests, but I now have a new way to infuse those images with the emotions they evoke in me. I love that I get to combine this new passion of mine with my extreme love of diamond painting!