What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is a new craft based hobby which has taken the world by storm. It's most easily described as a cross between paint by numbers and cross-stitch but with sparkly resin rhinestones called 'drills'. Simply apply the drills to the sticky canvas by matching the symbols and create a gorgeous finished picture which will shine and shimmer in the light.

What is the difference between Round, Square, AB and Special drills?

Round Drills are quicker and easier to apply but leave a small gap between each drill.

Square Drills are harder to apply as they need to be as straight as possible to get the desired effect however once in place there are no gaps so create a clearer and higher quality picture. They also make a very satisfying 'snap' when you pop them into place! 

AB Drills is short for Aurora Borealis drills and come in both round and square shapes. They are called this as they have a special coating that changes colour slightly in the light and is thought to simulate the Northern Lights. These are used to add a little something special to your diamond paintings.

Special Drills are just that, a little something special. These come in all shapes and sizes and are often used on partial paintings to make them a little more interesting. 

What is the difference between Full and Partial drill?

Full drill means the entire canvas including the background will be covered in gorgeous, sparkly resin rhinestones. This takes longer to complete but creates a fuller looking picture.

Partial drill means the canvas has some resin rhinestones but also parts of the canvas are already printed with the finished picture (usually this is the background). These are much quicker to complete and are often completed by beginners or in between larger full drill projects.

Will my diamond painting look exactly like a photo or drawing?

Although we do our very best to make your picture look as realistic as possible, there can be some slight colour differences due to PC/Tablet/Phone screens and dye lots. Rest assured though, we can show you exactly what your canvas will look like printed using our snazzy software, just ask us for a render! 

 Which size is best?

This is one of those times where bigger is most definitely better! Think of the drills like pixels of a picture, the more pixels, the better quality the photo. This will be the same with your diamond painting. The bigger you go, the more drills/pixels, the better and clearer the image will be. If you're ever unsure of which size to choose, please send us an email on help@theonewiththediamondart.com or pop us a message on social media and we'll be more than happy to lend you our expertise.


I am missing drills, what should I do?

We aim to provide extra drills in all of our kits but occasionally you might run a little short. Our drills are hand picked and weighed and then 10% weight is added to allow for human error but if for some reason you do find yourself short, please let us know and we will be more than happy to send out replacements for you.

Why do you use re-sealable baggies not heat shrunk?

We are aware that re-sealable baggies aren't always the favourite as any small space and the drills can escape in transit but there is a very important reason we use these, the environment :) . Our re-sealable baggies are reusable as opposed to the single use heat shrunk alternatives and also can save you time kitting up and money buying storage cases as you can work straight out of the baggies if you'd prefer to.