What is diamond painting? Can you tell me about your canvases?

Diamond painting is a fun (and less messy!) hybrid of paint-by-numbers or cross-stitch. Simply use a appliator (known as a diamond painting pen) and specialist wax to apply hundreds or thousands of beautiful resin rhinestones (known as drills) to an adhesive symbol-coded canvas to create a stunning, shimmering masterpiece.

All of our canvases are high quality, soft backed and scallop edged for extra luxury and use a poured glue adhesive as standard. Double-sided tape can be used on request. We use the best resin drills on the market and offer a variety of drill options (Round Resin, Square Resin, Round + ABs, Square + ABs, Crystal)

Did you know we are fully licensed?

That's right! We have permission to use every single image on our website and we're up to date on all our contracts and licensing so you can be sure that you are supporting an artist with your purchase <3

Not sure what size to choose?

No problem! Feel free to send us a message with the name of the picture you are looking at and we can show you what it would look like in different sizes to help you choose the best size for you.

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