Collection: Marina Art

Marina Ratkus

From a young age, I found joy in arts & crafts – making paper dolls and sewing clothes for them or sketching out cartoon characters from children’s cartoons on television – but I never thought one day it would end up as my professional career. I started my artistic journey in 2005 when I decided to go from sewing jeans in a factory to taking manicure lessons, learning a variety of techniques and artistic skills, going on to becoming a full-time manicurist.

However, in 2018 I decided to challenge myself by participating in my first nail contest in Europe achieving first place in the newcomer category providing me with the confidence and determination to compete in my next contest. I submitted my work to the next contest which was being held in the UK accomplishing to get another first place in the professional category this time.

At the beginning of 2019, I made my first oil painting which I painted for an online course that I partook in. From there I decided to switch careers and pursue my dreams as an artist taking more classes and improving with each painting I made. In May of that year, I decided to start my brand – Marina Art – where I sell my masterful art pieces online and around local markets in East Yorkshire. I also create and sell skillfully hand-painted, custom clothing, making each piece with artistically unique designs. Now I strive to translate my love for nature and animals into my paintings, pouring my heart and soul into each piece. In these modern times which are riddled with gloom and darkness, I want to shine some positive light into people’s hearts warming them up with just a single glance at the painting.