Collection: Delights Fantasy Art

Delight Spall

I was born long ago and not so far away. I fell in love with fairy tales, and Paul Baum's Oz books took me to a magical world for the first time. By age 5 I knew I wanted to become an artist and began painting at 10. By age I5 I started painting fantasy pieces and selling them. I sold my first oil painting at age 10 for $10! I'm sure the materials cost, even then, as much as I made, but I was hooked. I painted apartment windows in Germany's military housing at Christmas in high school, and sold pieces through out my school years. I sold my water colors in college while majoring in languages. After all, I was told, you can't make a living with art. For a while I had a business painting ads on everything from gas stations to car dealerships. I began selling my work full time at age 30 starting with street shows, convention centers and juried shows. I have been selling my work for over 40 years full time, and I happen to still love what I do. I retired in 2018 and now sell online only. One woman asked me if I'd painted all my life and I told her, "Not yet!"